Who We Are

Antique Safari Adventures, a Destination Management Company based in Uganda, offering Forest and Savannah safari experiences across Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo and Burundi. UTB License Number: UTB/RTT/TO/2023/100736

How We Started

Antique's journey began modestly in 2019 with Antique Apartments-a self catering Accommodation near Entebbe Airport, evolving into Antique Cottages by Lake Bunyonyi. Offering proximity to gorilla experiences, we expanded to establish Antique Safari Adventures, specializing in East African safari tours.

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Our Founder

Geofrey- Tour Leader. Our passion for nature fuels our mission to redefine travel responsibly. As stewards of sustainable exploration, we celebrate our planet's beauty while preserving its ecosystems. Join us in enriching our souls and safeguarding our extraordinary world, knowing that every safari tour contributes to the preservation of nature for future generations.

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To curate authentic and unforgettable safari experiences that showcase the rich biodiversity and cultural heritage of East Africa. To promote sustainable tourism, and foster connections between travelers and the cultural and natural wonders of our region.

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To become a leading provider of affordable budget and midrange safari tours, renowned for our dedication to customer satisfaction at our Accommodation Facilities, environmental conservation, and community empowerment. We aspire to continuously innovate and expand our offerings, ensuring that every journey with us is affordable and leaves cherished memories for our guests.

Discover the enchanting beauty of East Africa with Antique Safari Adventures.

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